How it works:

Fat is reduced using radio frequency or cavitation probe. This also helps to smooth out the skin; and then the vacuum therapy procedure is used to pop out the dents or cellulite holes on the body. The skin will begin to have an even look and a smooth look.

Pain Level: slight-none

Results: Visible after 1-12 sessions

Areas: legs, buttocks

Procedure Time: 30-40 minutes


How it works:

A cavitation probe is used to breakdown and liquefy that fat until it drains through your lymphatic drainage. (A system in the body that is made up of organs and tissues that help get rid of toxins and other unwanted waste in the body) Once fat is eliminated skin will become loose.

Pain Level: none

Results: Visible after 4th session

Areas: stomach, back

Procedure Time: 30-40 minutes


How it works:

The fat cells swell until it becomes permanent and buttocks is also shaped for a fuller/rounder look. The procedure corrects and tones the gluteal muscles. The buttocks are sculpted with the smaller suction cup shaping tool followed by our vacuum therapy

Pain Level: none

Results: Visible after 3 sessions (depends upon skin elasticity)

Areas: Buttocks and hips

Procedure Time: 60 minutes


How it works:

The skin tightening procedure can be done alone to tighten loose skin. The Radio waves are utilized by the treatment to deliver heat and energy to the muscles and tissues and penetrate the outer skin layers. Collagen production is stimulated and which activates the tissue contraction. The skin becomes tighter and brighter which also reduces the stretch marks. Results are noticeable immediately and after weeks of sessions stretch marks become even more unnoticeable.

Pain Level: none

Results: Visible immediately

Areas: Stomach, thighs, arms

Procedure Time: 20-60 minutes

We recommend our clients a minimum of 8 sessions per area. Remember your results are successful depending upon your commitment to drink lots of water and walking on a daily basis.


How it works:

The infrared sauna bag allows clients to instantly burn 900-1800 calories instantly while relaxing. The infrared heat travels 2-3″ deep into the body to improve circulation and repair damaged tissue. More calories are burnt than being inside a traditional gym sauna which only travels 1/2 an inch into the body. It takes more energy to produce sweat so you burn more calories in our sauna bag. When the body heats up your metabolic rate is increased. The air inside of the sauna bag is dry which stops the spread of microbes and bacteria making it more hygenic. The sweat is 3 times greater then traditional saunas therefore toxins and heavy metals are removed much faster and more easily. The infrared bag is great for weight loss, relieving stress and also improves skin tone, and elasticity helps acne, scars,blemishes, eczema, burns and discoloration on the face. It repairs and tones the tissues, you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Pain Level: None

Results:Visible after each session

Areas: Entire Body

Procedure Time: 45 minutes